pest control

About Pests

Pests are considered as the numbers of specious of animals which are harmful for human beings and ecosystem. Pests are also known as various other names like vermin, weeds, parasites and various other names. Pests mostly affect humans and livestock’s health and agricultural crops. Various pests are very dangerous for health and sometime also cause the death of suffered living being. They are similarly dangerous for crops and able to harm the large crops in some hours.

Most of pests cause harm to agriculture by feeding on crops or parasitizing livestock, such as codling moth on apples, or boll weevil on cotton. Animals are also considered as the pests that cause damage to ecosystem or carries germs in surrounding human habitant like rats and fleas which carry the plague infection, mosquitoes which carries malaria from one patient top another. Pests are the competitors of the humanity and also affect economy of the country if they are not controlled on time.

It is also possible for a mammal to be a pest in one someone providing harm but useful or beneficial for another. European rabbits introduced to Australia caused ecological damage beyond the scale they impose in their natural habitat. Many plant pests can be useful in certain conditions, for instance Patterson curse is a food for honeybees and as a wildflower but it is the poisonous for farm animals.


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